This week (Thursday to be exact) marks 30 years since KEV walked out of the recording studio after making his very first album, YOUR AVERAGE AUSTRALIAN YOBBO 16 more albums and millions of sales later, KEV'S working on album number 18 To celebrate this HUGE career milestone, we are giving ONE lucky KEV fan the chance to win an EXCLUSIVE KEV pack, PERSONALLY autographed! That's right, if you win, we'll get the entire package signed ALL TO YOU! The 30 YEAR KEV PACKAGE includes:

Your Average Australian Yobbo CD
Kev's Back CD
My Australian Roots CD
Born Again Piss Tank CD
Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! CD (KEV'S LATEST ALBUM)
D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F. Cap
D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F. Sticker


To enter, just leave a comment here
Yep, it's THAT simple We'll pick ONE winner, this Friday  20th June
The winner will be notified by email GOOD LUCK!




1,362 Responses

  1. Anne Forbes
    I love you Kevin! Your comedy skits get me through the work day. I take great pleasure listening to you with my headphones on, laughing my ass off, and just smiling at the looks I'm getting. If they only knew!! Thanks Kevin. I'm in NH, USA, hope I'm still eligible. <3
  2. Steve Golledge.
    Fuck the rest of them Kev, I could really use some gizzits. Pick me. :-)
  3. Tania
    Everytime I have to call Telstra, I think about line in your song "operator 42!" keep up the great work! Looking forward to another 30 years!
  4. Anne Dignam
    I grew up with your music, many a fun night was had at your gigs and I still love your stuff today Thanks Kevin Bloody Wilson for the years of laughter can't wait till you are back in Sydney again
  5. Paul
    Hi Kev ive only seen you once in Brecon Theatre Powys south wales fucking brilliant,but i had a lot of your music before i saw you.I would have liked to have seen you in Canada (BUT YOU CANT SAY CUNT IN CANADA) Fuc um lmfao.My partners son was only 8yrs old when he got expelled from school for singing,Theres a bear in there,and a horse and carrage,and the highland brothers,and The builders song.Happy days Kev
  6. Jacqueline harewood
    Messy frogmerized merry shittle groober .. that's mega fugly's sister to you lol
  7. nicole
    Im not going to kiss your asshole and tell you your funny! Im fucken hilarious and no bastard tells me. I just want to win something. George isnt Tattsing me out of fucken here and I cant even pick a place getter in a 3 horsed race because my donkey gets fucken scratched 30 seconds before the start.
  8. nicole
    How about not giving me the prize pack and giving me 2 tickets to your show? Were doing it tough financially and $55 a ticket we cant afford. Even if we could, $55 a fucken ticket....seriously!!! To stand up and listen to you talk shit!!! No prick pays me before coming to watch me talk shit and have LBW (little bit wee) moments from the laughter.
  9. nicole
    Alright, how about just popping in for a drink. Im 2 streets from one of your upcoming gigs. I stay at home all day with one baby and the bastard bloke of mine has knocked me up again with our 3rd. Im so over the fucked up Wiggles, I'm considering getting my cousins together and forming the 'Woggles' and standing over them and they're drugged up rosey tea drinking dinosaur.
  10. nicole
    OK...I'll fuck off after this one. How about just 1 ticket? I really need a night out. I wont heckle you or want to get up on stage with you because I dont want to be famous. I may be Greek but that doesn't mean I want freaks up my asshole telling me im funny. I just want to sit and relax amongst my local yobbo mates and listen to you spin your comedic bulllshit.
  11. Dannielle Bly
    I've never had the chance to see you perform. I am however a major fan of yours! My first ever tattoo was DILLIGAF. No matter what mood I'm in your music never fails to amuse me. I hope to get the funds and means to see you perform soon as that would complete my life!
  12. Tim Carr
    Hi, Keep doing what you're doing, you are hilarious.

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