This week (Thursday to be exact) marks 30 years since KEV walked out of the recording studio after making his very first album, YOUR AVERAGE AUSTRALIAN YOBBO 16 more albums and millions of sales later, KEV'S working on album number 18 To celebrate this HUGE career milestone, we are giving ONE lucky KEV fan the chance to win an EXCLUSIVE KEV pack, PERSONALLY autographed! That's right, if you win, we'll get the entire package signed ALL TO YOU! The 30 YEAR KEV PACKAGE includes:

Your Average Australian Yobbo CD
Kev's Back CD
My Australian Roots CD
Born Again Piss Tank CD
Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! CD (KEV'S LATEST ALBUM)
D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F. Cap
D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F. Sticker


To enter, just leave a comment here
Yep, it's THAT simple We'll pick ONE winner, this Friday  20th June
The winner will be notified by email GOOD LUCK!




1,362 Responses

  1. Chris Bawden
    Fucken Legend!!
  2. Shannon
    YIDGAF! (Yes I do give a Fuck!!) about winning this comp!
  3. Troy
    Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, You F'in Beauty!
  4. shane
    Hi kev, Its Slinky. Lov ya shows ya old fart LOL. Cheers
  5. Scott Rutherford
    Kevin Bloody Wilson is an Aussie Legend
  6. adrian hoffman
    life wouldn't be the same without KEV!!!
  7. Rachele Jones
    Love ya guts!!!
  8. Abi Katzer
    Dear Kev, Thanks for the root! Love Abs xx
  9. Jonathon Rogers
    Road trips listening and laughing to Songs about Santa, Alan Bond and my favourite Mick me Mate the Master Farter. What better way to spend a road trip!!!
  10. Trish Knight
    Onya mate.... 30 years as an Aussie Legend! Keep it up...
  11. bobby
    I remember first listening to you in 1986, aged 17, in the back of a bus with me blind mate Dave, yes he is really blind, and we had on headphones and I couldn't hear myself fart with laughter, bloody stunk out the bus. Ha ha
  12. rebecca tagliabue
    omg this would be the greatest thing to win i love all your songs missed out on your concerts coz i wasnt old enough but am now would be great to win this
  13. Claire Traynor
    I would love to win this for my hubby. We loved to come to see you when you performed in Dundee, Scotland, but now you don't come there :-(. DILLIGAF!!
  14. Anthony Cullen
    Say hi to Nigel, the fucking legend, for me.
  15. Pete Gurnett
    Wow 30 years ago you began and I have been listening for 25!
  16. Mick Molloy
    Bloody legendary Aussie songwriter and comedian.
  17. Trish Knight
    Onya mate! 30 years a bloody Aussie Legend! Keep it up!
  18. Sam
    Be a great gift for my father, fingers crossed
  19. terry ferguson
    i love your stuff and am all the way in great Britain (scotland to be precise ) but have relatives in oz
  20. Tracie Collins
    Fingers crossed but me legs aint lol
  21. ah fuck it
  22. Tom
    Keep it up, Kev. Fucking legend!
  23. Peter Mundy
  24. dan
    Cant believe they never asked you to open wold cup or olimpic games happy 30 never so many true words spoken than dilligaf
  25. Chad Soper
    Love your work kev!! Been following your work from the beginning loved your recent gig at tanunda you had me and the old man in absolute stitches!!!
  26. Ryan Purvis
    I'm a big fan kev
  27. andrew lawlan
    Hey kev you have to pick me as your winner im a huge fan of yours from south africa no matter what shit life throws at me I listen to old kevin bloody wilson and life is better again! You cant say CUNT in Canada!!
  28. Johan Carlström
    Winning would be a great way for me to keep spreading Kev awareness in Sweden.
  29. Paul
    Kevin bloody Wilson where my fucking album ? I wrote you a fucking letter and I came to see you twice .. (didn't really as I'm in London!) .. just give it here already ... :-) Good luck with the new one ..
  30. Michael Tomasko
    Woild be great to have the complete set again as my kids destroyed my original copies. i had bought my 1 st CD over 25 years ago when Kevin performed at St Marys Band Club, we could not afford it and did not have meat for 2 weeks. LET ME WIN.
  31. Jennifer Rieder
    D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F Kev??? :)
  32. Ray Jackson
    About time ya gave something away ya miserable bastard. Only things ya gave away before was a boomerang and a homing pigeon.
  33. Mark Daniel
    Been brought up with Kev with my old man and myself huge fans and the 30 yr Kev package would top off the collection nicely
  34. Rene Mairis
  35. Sam
    I can remember back to boarding school where all the cool kids would have Kevin a Bloody Wilson cassettes turned up to 11.....until the teachers walked into the dorm block. We were so rebellious!!! Can't wait till me own kids are old enough to "educate" them!!!
  36. eric barty
    get ur ass back to scotland...u know u want to
  37. Yes Please.
  38. Kirstie Bodin
    My partner loves you and we watched you in Basingstoke on your last tour there ever we were very sad x
  39. Charlie Carter
    Congratulations Kev! Keep on going, hoping for a Sydney show for my bucks night next March/April. Hope to see you again.
  40. Growler
    If I won that It'd feel like an angel just pissed on me tonsils, or that horny young barmaid herself!!
  41. Shelley heffernan
    I absolutely love Kevin, he catches the true essences of Australia. .
  42. Carl Healey
    Congratulations Kev, here to another 30years...can just see you walking out on stage on your zimmer singing DILLIGAF...fuck the nursing homes they couldn't handle you ;)
  43. Shelley Ewen
    Pleeeease let me be the winner....preeeetty pleeeeease...I bloomin' love you Kev! And I cant believe it's been 30 years, are you really that bloody old? ;P xx
  44. Belinda
    DILLIGAF? Fucken oath as I want to win!!
  45. andrew lawlan
    Hey kev you gotta pick me as the winner mate im a huge fan yours from south africa , I love all your work!
  46. james
    comment here
  47. Tim hill
    G'day , Kev .Love ya !!
  48. Emma Rice
    Have seen u twice in the UK Kev and Ur bloody brilliant. Congratulations on being around 30 years. Let's hope we fans can see you for many more!
  49. Peter Blackburn
    Thanks for 30 yrs of yobbo ness Kev. Sweet times
  50. Paul Wilkinson
    Congrats Kev, have I really been following you for 30 years? Seems like only yesterday I was buying your albums on cassette tape! Ha!

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