This week (Thursday to be exact) marks 30 years since KEV walked out of the recording studio after making his very first album, YOUR AVERAGE AUSTRALIAN YOBBO 16 more albums and millions of sales later, KEV'S working on album number 18 To celebrate this HUGE career milestone, we are giving ONE lucky KEV fan the chance to win an EXCLUSIVE KEV pack, PERSONALLY autographed! That's right, if you win, we'll get the entire package signed ALL TO YOU! The 30 YEAR KEV PACKAGE includes:

Your Average Australian Yobbo CD
Kev's Back CD
My Australian Roots CD
Born Again Piss Tank CD
Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! CD (KEV'S LATEST ALBUM)
D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F. Cap
D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F. Sticker


To enter, just leave a comment here
Yep, it's THAT simple We'll pick ONE winner, this Friday  20th June
The winner will be notified by email GOOD LUCK!




1,362 Responses

  1. Shane Davison
  2. Daniel Newman
    Congrats on 30 years of comedy. Loved your last uk tour. DILLIGAF
  3. Fucking DILLIGAF
  4. Nicole Kwood
    My dad has always listened to you! I remember going in the truck, all over the countryside, listening to you! Always made my dad, and myself, crack up! Legend!
  5. Sam gamon
    Let's hope I win
  6. Mike Davenport
    Gateway to her guts.
  7. Kevin Sainsbury
    Keep up the good work Kev been a fan of yours since the beginning here in the uk and am now enjoying the talent that your daughter has also long reign king Kev :)
  8. Ryan
    Good onya Kev. Keep up ths awesome work. Hope to catch ya again soon.
  9. Chris Dalton
    Congrats on the 30 years.
  10. Wayne
    Fuckin d.i.l.l.i.g.a.f.
  11. Steve Doig
    Aint nuthin' as good as driving thru a town where you know livin' next door will offend and playing it full blast. ONYA KEV
  12. Jonathon moss
    I've had an absolute cunt of a day! fucking love ya work.
  13. Shaun Doyle
    True Aussie fucking Legend
  14. Frank Menne
    The 30 year pack would be awesome listening while we are playing the "Kevin Bloody Wilson" boardgame that we have ..
  15. D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F My reply to your DILLIGAF is, Definitly I Love Listening Its Gold As Fuck!!
  16. Brett simmons
    Ur the best comedian in australia
  17. Niki Hayles
    Yay! Well done Kev! Absolute legend!
  18. Matt Oglesby
    Fingers crossed :)
  19. Gavin Kettlety
  20. Allan
    Your a legend Mohammad. Looking forward to seeing you in Darwin again.
  21. Rachel Bretherton
    Congratulations in 30 years I comedy I hope u keep up the good work u have made my dad and myself crack up with all of your songs.
  22. Congrats on 30 years in the business Kev. SteveL
  23. Job
    Congrats you well hung (not so) young goat fucker from Kalgoorlie
  24. JosephLoughnan
    Happy 30 year kev
  25. Teegan
    Hey Kevin ya fucken legend mate!!
  26. Brian Redman
    Get fucked
  27. Don Smith
    Hi Kev , do u remember me and my nurses .. Kalgoorlie ...
  28. Does it look like I give a fuck (whether I win not not) of course I do
  29. If it wasn't for you I wouldn't have my own pest control business . Was going to call it Dilligaf pest control lol . Keep touring Kev we love you over in England mate Cheers
  30. Jono
    The trouble I got in when my old boss (Nigel) came into the room!! Came to your last UK gig with Jenny too, AMAZING. Congratulations you old C#*T, Now FOCUS haha DILLIGAF
  31. Samantha Brown
    Amazing, my first experience of hearing your hilarious songs/music was pinching a tape off my dad. He went bat shit crazy when he realised. But then I was only 10 at the time. Congrats on 30yrs x
  32. Ben Leggett
  33. Kevin
    30 years down 30 More to come keep up the great work
  34. Steff Hughes
    I remember at school we went on a ski trip and I won the Kevin Bloody Wilson award for the most swearing on the piste!!!! Been a fan ever since.
  35. Steven panter
    Leaving a comment
  36. Leeanne Barker
    I've grown up with Kevin songs, born and bred in Kalgoorlie too - so I always though that some of the songs were about my life! My ex mother in law was an old hooker from 181! My kids also listened to him heaps and now my step kids too - saw Kevin live last year - absolutely a life highlight... Thanks heaps for all the brilliant songs over an awesome career and hopefully you can do it for another 30 xx
  37. Vince Goodall
  38. Katherine Kelly
    Awesome work, three generations in my family of making us laugh!!!
  39. aaron edmondson
    Happy anniversary. Hope you dont have a c*@t of a day!
  40. Ann Beam
    Love Kev he is bloody awesome :)
  41. William Gobbert
    If I had a comment I would have something to say, but I don't, so therefore I have no comment....
  42. Donovan
    You fuckin' rock m8!
  43. David Cree
    Living next door to Alan's is my favourite and I always asked the girls do you f on first dates and does your Dad own a brewery.
  44. Simon Gaut
    Nice goal in the World Cup yesterday. I'm assuming that was you who scored it? =)
  45. Darrin Adams
    You where a legend with your first cd 30 years ago,and 30 years later your even a bigger legend,every household in Australia has a bit of Kevin Bloody Wilson in it and those long trips in the car seemed short listening to your CDs,you should be AUSTRALIAN OF THE YEAR and I SAW MUMMY SUCKING SANTA CLAUS!
  46. 30 years hey? for fuck sake cock go another fucking thirty will ya! fuck me dead dog bloke, unfucking believable!
  47. nicole haglich
    Funniest prick ever...loved your kalgoorlie W.A show...please come back soon...your a bloody comedian legend
  48. Matt whitburn
    Came see ya show at Tanunda ass fuckn great show mate keep it up
  49. Matt whitburn
    Kevin fuckn legend
  50. Bird reinert
    Thank u for helping me through chemotherapy. I rather laugh till I puked then puking for the hell of it.

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