This week (Thursday to be exact) marks 30 years since KEV walked out of the recording studio after making his very first album, YOUR AVERAGE AUSTRALIAN YOBBO 16 more albums and millions of sales later, KEV'S working on album number 18 To celebrate this HUGE career milestone, we are giving ONE lucky KEV fan the chance to win an EXCLUSIVE KEV pack, PERSONALLY autographed! That's right, if you win, we'll get the entire package signed ALL TO YOU! The 30 YEAR KEV PACKAGE includes:

Your Average Australian Yobbo CD
Kev's Back CD
My Australian Roots CD
Born Again Piss Tank CD
Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! CD (KEV'S LATEST ALBUM)
D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F. Cap
D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F. Sticker


To enter, just leave a comment here
Yep, it's THAT simple We'll pick ONE winner, this Friday  20th June
The winner will be notified by email GOOD LUCK!




1,362 Responses

  1. Slash
    Still got the photo of Kev with my girls at the Clovercrest Tavern been to most venues over the years "Legendary Bro" TKS
  2. ben ladkin
    Best gig iv seen in the uk not sure can enter from the uk well worth a comment just keep the gigs going in the uk
  3. Debbie Williams
    You signed my boobies surely that's a winner lol
  4. David H
    Dear Kev I got you to sign the show guide I bought at yr show in the UK yonks ago - I lent it to my supposed mate and he moved away and never returned it - DILLIGAF - yes I bloody well do ! Congratulations on your anniversary Kev - keep it up - you know what I mean - you make loads of laughs worldwide. Give me back me book Bentley if you're reading this / Ahole.
  5. Claire Louise
    D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F - that is the most amazing abbriviation I have ever heard and will use it always! Haha! Happy 30year anniversery dude your a LEDGE!!! :D
  6. Dilligaf?? Hell yes!
  7. Nicola Rothon
    D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F!! seen live and fucking amazing!
  8. been a fan from the start just a pity some asshole stole all my cd's i had of yours this would replace some of them anyway congrats mate and dilligaf
  9. Oi oi u ole fart pick me YAA c u n t ... Please
  10. Ryan
    So awesome I can never get enough of your comedy, it's one of a kind that's for sure. Congrats on 30 yrs and many more to go I hope.
  11. Toni Ferguson
    Big fan. Im a kiwi who grew up enjoying your humour now living in Canada.
  12. Kim Williams
    Well done on achieving your dreams over the last 30years. Not to mention your daughter too taking it over lol. Good luck kev for the future. Loved seeing your last performance in Plymouth uk. Cheers mate x
  13. Donna
    My little brother has always thought you were the best thing since sliced breads since he was about 12 years old and if I won one of these packages then it would be a gift for him
  14. Ian Close
    Are you going to come back to the UK
  15. Just give me a fucken pack Kev. I deserve it more than anyone else. I've been listening to you since back in Kalgoorlie on 6KG. At least you'll know the disc's will get a hiding. So do the righty and flick one my way. Don't worry about all those other cunts. On ya mate.
  16. mark lewis brown
    i can say only one thing about KBW what an absoulute legend says life as he means it dilligaf has got to be the best saying ti use through life for almost every situation but my personal fave is absolute c**t of a day as thats how i feel my life is going
  17. Hey Kev ya fucken cunt, where's me fucken pack. I've opened all ya other shit and I think I'll send it back. I never wrote ya a fucken letter but I've seen you more than once. So send a fucken pack to me and dont be a bunch of cunts. Cheers
  18. Boris Wakefield
    Need Help, I'm Lookin for a nice Sheila to put soap on her tongue and come around and wash my balls!! Hahaha Fuck Ya's
  19. Mark turnbull
    Kev stick your cheapskate promo where the sun don't shine just keep doing what you've done better than everyone else for the last 30 years and making me and the better half laugh till we piss ourselves x
  20. Russell Cook
    Happy aniversary kev. Keep em coming for many more years to come. You get better with age like a vintage wine.
  21. gary yorke
    30 great years folkestones missing you and jenny who said you could give up touring in the uk wishes your wood butcher from england dilligaf maaaaaate
  22. Kylie Phillips
    Congrats on 30 yrs Kev!!
  23. Kylie Phillips
    Congrats on 30 yrs Kev!
  24. Stephanie O'Meara
    Happy 30th - I would like to say that is how old I am today but I am celebrating 30 with 12 years experience ;-)
  25. Jeff brown
    Congrats on 30 years mate, love listening to ur cds
  26. Jeff
    Bloody awesome keep it going !
  27. I can't beleive you have been making us laugh our arses off for 30 years. You Fucken legend!
  28. Rob Moffat
    Happy bday I guess looks like I've been listening to u for a very long time then lol fuck I'm getting old too lol
  29. Marc Adams
    My parents introduced me to your music and now I have shred it with my 12 year old son (probably not good parenting but, hey DILLIGAF?!) Keep up the good work.
  30. Marc Adams
    My parents introduced me to your music and now I have shared it with my 12 year old son (probably not good parenting but, hey DILLIGAF?!) Keep up the good work.
  31. Jon
    Come back to the UK, Kev! Saw you a few years back in Reading, but could use another dose of your humour!
  32. amie nicholson
    fingers crossed
  33. dave perkins
    I absolutely love kev, he has been a main stay from the very first album my children have been educated in keviquette so are well rounded adults now,thanks kev you are like part of the family.
  34. Andrew Riley
    Hi Kev I would like to win this pack as I'm laying in hospital at the moment and not looking like getting to any of your shows in the nt as will be out of action for some time having seen you in Tasmania a few years back and have listen to you for the last 20 odd year please pick me Regards Andrew
  35. David Price
    30 years of greatness. To Kev, Get fucked, Dave.
  36. Claire
    The last time you were in the UK I bought my now husband tickets to watch you at the Frontier in Batley! One night just as we were going to bed I told him I would double check the was that night and we missed your show! I've never lived it down since but I think this would make up for it!
  37. craig schonrock
    Congratulations on 30yrs Kev.... Your song DILLIGAF and Do you f-"k on first dates, would have to be the most legendary songs, you could every listen to, when your drunk, with your mates.. Well done buddy.
  38. Breed
    Mate, you're nearly as big a legend as Nigel. Nearly!
  39. Doug
    On ya lev fuckin good bloke great music for the shed
  40. Nigellllllllllllllllllllll Fucking Legend
  41. Nigellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Fucking Legend
  42. Fukin bring it on ! I've still got the one of the first and second album on tape and Record and they are starting to get a little ordinary on the ears... I NEED A NEW SET ! And no I'm not a bloody spammer, this took me atleast 30 min to figure out the iPad. Stupid technology... Congrats on 30 years, great job tellin it how it is !!
  43. Linda Wass
    D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F. I just love this Aussie yobbo so much.
  44. Jordan Clarke
    How bloody awesome is this for a comp. Found this when I was looking at Facebook whilst playing some kev on vinyl! 95% of K.b.w I own is on vinyl and I'm only 27. Be mad to win and get some CD's!
  45. Jason
    True Aussie legend!
  46. Jennifer Shaw
    I went to my first Kev concert at the Charmy pub when I was a kid. Yeah sure I had to listen from the car park but Ive still got my signed cassette! Come to Deni Kev, the line up is badly lacking some one awesome.
  47. Andrew bell
    I would like to enter for the competition please :-)
  48. Andrew Chatters
    Can't wait to see you in Tassie again as it will be a couple of days before my birthday bring it on
  49. Gazza
    PICK ME!!! PICK ME!!!!
  50. Gerry Callaghan
    Best artist ever. Portrays life as it really is in a humorous way. Legendary!!!

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