The SOUTH AUSTRALIAN Tour is officially underway!


KEV & the KREW had a fantastic first night's show in WHYALLA, and are heading off today to PORT PIRIE



If you haven't got your  yet, there's still limited tickets available!

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19th MARCH PORT PIRIE box office 08 8633 8500

20th MARCH TANUNDA box office 08 8561 4299

21st MARCH RENMARK box office 08586 1800

22nd MARCH TORRENSVILLE box office  08 8443 5255


And now for the REALLY good news!

We are giving away double passes to SATURDAY night's show at the THEBBIE THEATRE in TORRENSVILLE

The venue has just released some more tickets for sale to the public, and we were quick enough to snag a few!

Leave us a comment here, and we'll pick some winners FRIDAY 21st MARCH (and notify winners via email)


For everyone else, we haven't forgotten about you!

We have 10 tour posters to give away

That's 10 SIGNED tour posters!

KEV & JEN have put their monikers on the posters, and we're giving you a shot a winning one!

Again, just leave a comment below, and we'll draw the winners FRIDAY.





33 Responses

  1. sam clohesy
    Please I am a good kinda cunt would love love love ticketsas i will be there anyway and have brought tickets previously and due 2 shit munching boss I never got 2 go. :-(
  2. mark higgins
    Was disappointed when your show at the thebby sold out. Glad i now have a 2nd chance Cheers Kev
  3. Shane (aka Slinky)
    Would love to win a signed poster.
  4. AJ
    As a LONG time Kev follower (got my first cassette at 13), I attended MANY Kev shows. I suffer from Manic Depression & Severe Anxiety and the humour of Kev helps cheer me up on those down days. I'd have the poster block mounted to protect it. A tour poster that I could mount on the wall at home would be awesome.
  5. Chris Edwards
    Would love to come and see the show! Love your work KBW
  6. AJ
    FUCK, I typed in the wrong email address before. IDIOT hey! As a LONG time Kev follower (got my first cassette at 13), I attended MANY Kev shows. I suffer from Manic Depression & Severe Anxiety and the humour of Kev helps cheer me up on those down days. I’d have the poster block mounted to protect it. A tour poster that I could mount on the wall at home would be awesome.
  7. Ben Bray
    Please pick me so I van take my dad who's very ill with cancer who possibly might not make it for your next tour
  8. Amy Russell
    Id love to see you both again!!!
  9. Tristan
    Told my wife this could be the last time she might have the chance to see the legend that is kev, she just pointed to the back of her shirt and said read that, DILLIGAF, if it's true kev enjoy retirement, you are an Australian comedy icon.
  10. rodger
  11. Pamela Keenihan
    Kevin bloody Wilson you bring back such great memories. Would love to win so I can cum see ya.
  12. Ellen Davies
    Pick me please :-) ...... Would love to see you both again so much!! Could use some of your awesome laughs .... Plus my partner loves you too and I could so get him to work for his tickets if we won!! :-) xxx
  13. Steve M
    Love you guys and would love a signed poster! :-D
  14. Hey guys had a blast last time you guys were here at the clover crest hotel. We took my father in law along who had a stroke a few months before and he was in a wheelchair at that show. You guys were awesome to come out straight after the show and say hello and have a few photos. It was the night out and good laugh that he needed. So my wife and I would love to return the favour to him by taking him to the theby show Or a signed poster for his room at the nursing home. Cheers and hope you can help. Brett &Megan
  15. Jason
    i absolutely NEED 2 tickets to go see Kev an Jen for a couple reasons. 1st i think Jen is fukin hot as a pig on a spit!, and i gotta see her in the flesh., an definately MUST try an get a photo with her. Plus she's funny as fuk. 2ndly my new missus is a wog an never seen or heard Kevin Bloody Wilson b4. so id like to take her out for a pleasant evening at Thebarton Theatre to surprise the shit out of her! She thought some bloke with tape on his face at the FRINGE was funny...... Wait till she hears you guys.! Cant wait to see the look on her face. p.s, i bought Kevs 20yrs cd a few yrs back an its the only thing that puts a smile on me dial when ive had an absolute cunt of a day. CHEERS Kev an Jen!
  16. Casey Robertson
    My partner and I first saw you at the Cumberland hotel and we loved the show! I am now pregnant and if I win these tickets this will be a perfect night out before bubs is due in June.
  17. Amy Hastings
  18. Lyall Fraser
    Would love tickets to your show at The Thebby, never been b4, should be an absolute HOOT!!!
  19. Therese Czabania
    Please, please pick me. I brought my kids up with Santa Clause as our lunch time Xmas Carol played during Xmas lunch every year. I deserve this as You have 3 extra fans in Y gen because of me Haha :) Love your style Kev <3
  20. heather
    Would be great 2 see you again. Had the best time seeing you at mount gambier. Still laughing. Well done you funny buggar. Need some joy in my life at the moment.
  21. Therese Czabania
    Fuck. Forgot to say I want to win the fuckin' tickets please. By the way That Jason at 07:29 am ^^^deserves to win tickets for his well worded and funny as fuck comment. Credit where it's due. But don't forget about me cos'I really would love to win too :)
  22. Would love a tour poster to add to the collection. Jenny isn't it time you came back to the uk
  23. Tammie Martin
    Pleaseeee I would love tickets. I promise I wont bring the guy in the pink shorts to your Adelaide show this time. Was lined up to get my shirt signed last time you done a show here and all hell broke loose behind me and we had to leave!
  24. tracey taylor
    Hey guys. Im over in the UK so obviously I may not be able to make us of tickets unless I suddenly become the luckiest bitch in the world and win the lottery!! But id treasure a poster - perhaps Jen could secretley write on the back the dates she is coming back to the UK!!! Enjoy the tour, love to you all x
  25. nat
    Hey I have been waiting since i was 16 to come see your show and now im finally older enough to actually come, i will already be there on saturday but i would really love a signed poster i would treasur it for ever because i have been a fan since i was little (thanks to mum and dad) so please, please and please
  26. Danny camilleri
    Kev and family, your amazing at what you do, good to see your still on tour. Shame you won't be in the UK again. I miss watching you live. Is this your final final tour before you put your slippers on and stop singing or do you intend to carry on doing what you do best ??? Thank you for many years of making us poms laugh.
  27. Catheryne Taylor
    i've had an absulote cunt of a would make it fuckin awesome.......I need to cheer up my Hubby and a photo op With the very sexy Jen will do just ofcourse a photo op with Kev (for me) would be a dream come true.......You rock my are my kind of Super Mega Fugly......xxoxo Heres to awesomeness ??????????
  28. Am kinda crazy and want to see you and Jenny you are both my idols!! I love you!!!
  29. harold coventry
    Kev u a bloody legend always have been tickets would b real good get me out of what my mrs has planned anyway lmao
  30. Jojo
    Would love ya poster, with the written art in them. Would look good hanging in my mums cave while I blast kev n Jen while the kids are asleep and an awesome glass or bottle of two of the way wine :D
  31. Janelle
    I want a poster pretty please with me on top??? Love you guys, saw you at Caloundra and hubby tried to get Jenny to sign my tits - duh! Pretty sure he was envisioning a three way in his head or something, but fuck me you were both funny as fuck! You ROCK!
  32. Tracy
    Would love to win a poster
  33. mel
    Kev, I hav 4 kids coz obviously im a good breeder. I seriously need a night out with my partner who is always working so we can hav a good laugh and get all those endorphins flowing. Please pick me. Yours sincerely desperate house wife.

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