"... it's just another way of saying, I couldn't give a rat's arse mate..."

Most KEV fans will recognise those words as the lyrics from KEV'S hit song DILLIGAF
Which for KEV is much more than a word 
It's a way of life

And it would seem KEV's not alone in his DILLIGAF lifestyle

People all over the world put DILLIGAF on their cards, bikes and even their bodies

Here's a few of the latest pics sent in by KEV fans

Do you have a DILLIGAF sign or tattoo?
Send it into us here a KEV headquarters fanfotos@kevinbloodywilson.com
And you might just see it featured here on the website

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For all things DILLIGAF, head to KEV'S ONLINE STORE

We stock DILLIGAF caps, stickers, t-shirts - and also KEV'S DILLIGAF Album and Biography


DILLIGAF number plates are temporarily out-of-stock, but there's more on the way!

Don't forget to send your DILLIGAF pics to fanfotos@kevinbloodywilson.com
And check out the online store BY CLICKING HERE!


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