If you're wondering why KEV has been a bit quiet on Facebook lately

These couple of pics may have something to do with it




Luckily here at KEV'S headquarters, we don't believe in political correctness!

But we DO believe in taking the piss, and freedom of speech...

Like the LITTLE BLOKE says, "...if it's political, there's a real good chance it's not correct"


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23 Responses

  1. timmeh
    Onya, Kev...love ya work, mate.
  2. john cole
    tell it like it is kev too many do-gooders trying to sugar coat the shit there forcing on to us , keep up the good work.
  3. Leigh jans
    Hey Kev I just want to tell you I have grown up listening to your brilliant work I have gone thru some real hard times and when I need a good laugh I listen to you and forget all the shit and just fucking laugh I really hope you come to warrnambool Vic soon I would love to see you live and maybe have a beer thanks for all the laughs mate keep up the good work
  4. Scott Lynch
    Cool kev cool
  5. Andrew
    Fucken fuckbook fuckers.
  6. Jason
    Hay Kevin do what the rest of us do Fuck fucking Facebook it's your page do what you want even if you have to change the privacy for your page to only people on this page/group cann see the posts you make we love ya and always will. So as I said Fuck Facebook and enjoy life
  7. Daniel McLaughlin
    Every one has their legends, childhood heroes, that they would stop in their tracks if they saw or heard them, on the tv, radio or if you were lucky enough to meet in person. As a young Central Qld boy, in (must-a-been around) 90-91, you strangely were that hero for me. I never liked sports much, and there's not much to socially celebrate about the Rockhampton area (other than god damned cows everywhere), but when I first heard your songs being played at a family party, I was entranced, and rocked by such blatant humor. It took a couple of months till i final stole that cassette, dubbed it and returned it... just so i could not only listen alone, but to share and spread the love... Something I have enjoyed doing ever since, all my life (canadians appear to enjoy it the most.. crazy canadians... ) so what's the point. simply, back then every one realized there was a fair amount of language, that there were racist undertones in some of the songs, and that in general you either enjoyed it alllll for what it was, a funny set of songs that poked fun at everything from kids, to ethnic races to santa... millionaires, the poor, the white and the black...;orrr if you didnt like "that kind of thing" you could fark off and go home where all the other boring gits were... It was humor for humor's purpose. later i would also come to enjoy ol' Rodney Rude and the DAAS as well, cause they were similar takes on the same schtick... but for me you were the original and the best... So, where's this leading, well, The Political Correct police came along and started to ruin everything, for everyone in this country... Why do all the other nations love aussies? cause we are larikins, jokers, irreverent, anti-authoritarian piss pots, that told it straight and took it on the chin... and the PC coppers started to stomp on those ideals and great values. They killed the DAAS, whom attributed there break up to ongoing pressure based on P.C. and started to instil and breed in the populace this change in ideology that even if you aren't offended by something, you should be offended on behalf of someone else who may or may not be offended... and nowwwwww.. and why I post this long and possibly insane missive here, is that people through social media, have such a massively biased forum to complain about those individuals, that through their actions/words, may or may not be offending others, or even offending the sensibilities of those sensitive enough to be offended on behalf of some other individual who them selves, may or may not be offended... ITS GETTING REDICULUS.. Sigh, in closing I just want to say that You sir are the beating heart of this country i love so much. The fact the P.C. hasn't stopped you 20 odd years later is a testament.. That you keep going on just being honest to yourself, and your fans, and to this great country... well you always had my admiration and respect, all i can give you is thnx... Sincerely, someone who thinks you've had it right all along. D.M.
  8. on ya mate keep em honest i have complained about graphic content of a few Islamic sites with beheaded people and videos of people being lined up and shot (its real because their heads are exploding) and they reply by saying that they don't deem them graphic I think facebook is controlled by fucking Muslims
  9. wayne biggs
    Go Kevin you bloody champion
  10. Ben
    Please Kev Come to townsville !! I love bacon !! Cheers Ben
  11. ian
    I'm with u kev
  12. Dawn Mcwilliam
    They buggers are the first to complain about everything.. it is freedom of speech n if they don't like it its tough.. we don't like innocent people being beheaded especially not filmed thats the sickest things there done and what they did to the twin towers I dont want t share the same air as these evel beings so if they aint happy gtf we aint happy wi uz always complaining about every or want u here!!
  13. danny mason
    Ur fucking great kev don't worry aboot the Facebook rock spiders mate u were round long before the wankers, dilligaf mate.
  14. Clemo
    Good onya Brian , ALL True Blue , politically incorrect Ozzie Blokes with Balls have got your back , Mate !!!
  15. Clemo
    You must be back in Perth .... the time on my comment {awaiting moderation} is two hours Old . btw I think I'm in love with Ya missus !
  16. Mark Orman
    Great to see you have your own page I will be visiting offen bloody well done mate
  17. Gogs
    Why don't you come spend some time in Scotland!
  18. Lise Rothwell
    You are brilliant kevin, I agree whole heartedly with your little messages, nice that someone out there is honest without being vicious!!!
  19. Nigel Canter
    Keep up the good work. There's too much P fucking C these days
  20. Tim Crane
    Up em wilson
  21. Love your tunes and the way your mind works. I drive all over western US and southwestern Canada, and spread your songs where I go. Keep em coming.
  22. Nick Rutley
    I can't believe they thought this was offensive, maybe doing all that kneeling and bowing makes you lose your sense of humour. All the best Kevin
  23. Kev, do yourself a favor, come to the Philippines! you're gonna love it. So much material here that you could do a shit load with..... Of course your show will go over like a lead balloon here , ...but you might get a half dozen Aussies turn up.

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