Welcome to the NEW LOOK KEVIN BLOODY WILSON website!

Over here at KEV'S HEADQUARTERS we figured it was about time for a spruce up of the old KBW site - especially now that traffic seems to have quadrippled over the last month
I think we can assume that's what happens when the LITTLE BLOKE gets kicked off Facebook and you guys come looking for him here!

This site will be updated regularly with posts from us and every now and then, from KEV himself
We'd love to hear from you too!
Do you have a favourite pic of you and KEV?
A funny story about our LOVABLE LARRIKIN?
Or maybe you have a great DILLIGAF TATTOO you'd like to share?
Send 'em in to fanfotos@kevinbloodywilson.com
We'll be including content from KEV fans all the time, so your contribution might just end up in one of our posts!

Don't forget KEV'S online store - you're one stop shop for everything KEVIN BLOODY WILSON

Make sure you check back regularly, we'll be announcing a huge KEV KRISTMAS KOMPETITION very soon!


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