We here at BOTH BARRELS, along with the LITTLE BLOKE, want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your continued support this year

Whether you came to a show, ordered from our online store, 'liked' KEV on Facebook, or even just dropped us a line to say G'Day....thank you!

After a record number of SOLD OUT shows this year, and releasing a new album, we've certainly kept our KEV busy

And he's shown us that he just keeps getting better!


So we figured, in the spirit of the season, we'd give the little bloke a couple of weeks break....aren't we lovely?

The crew at Kev's Headquarters is also going to chill out, and we'll all be back on deck 6th January, ready and raring to kick 2014's bum!

Any orders placed during the break will be processed and shipped out as soon as the office reopens

Enjoy the silly season, stay safe....and we'll see you again next year!




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