Here at KEV’S headquarters, to help kick of the New Year and celebrate the NEW LOOK website, we’ve got a fantastic chance for you to win a HUGE KEV MERCHANDISE PACK

Yep, we are giving ONE lucky KEV fan the best possible start to 2015


16 of KEV'S CDs, his biography DILLIGAF, and his triple box set of DVDs!!

This could ALL be YOURS!

All you need to do, is order from KEV’S ONLINE STORE  - and you’re in the running!

A DILLIGAF tshirt, number plate, sticker, hat, or any KEV cd or DVD?
If you’ve been thinking about topping up your KEV KOLLECTION, now’s the time!

Every purchase from the ONLINE STORE (from 1st Jan) through to February 13th - which is also the LITTLE BLOKE’S birthday - will be automatically entered.

Winner will be chosen at random and notified 13th February (via email)
Your prize will be personally autographed, TO YOU

How good does THAT sound?



25 Responses

  1. please pick me to win :) I am your biggest fan in Canada. If my brother says different, pay no attention to him, he is a chronic liar. Please, please, please !!! Thanks from your biggest fan in Canada and the World !
  2. If you’ve made a purchase in Kev’s online store, you’re in the running Bev! - ADMIN
  3. When will you be coming to the uk? You are the best
  4. love to win this prize been a big fan of your for a long long time and ive got a tattoo on my chest of you its always good to see you after every show and have a chat with you your a true champ KEV
  5. Hey Kev, trying to find Christmas songs on iTunes with my wife just before the big day and my 13 walks in just as we are playing and singing your Santa clause song,, he's a masive fan. Already knows Cause his cock's got ribs off by heart. He would love the rest of your collection Cheers
  6. Dee
    Please pick me, have been listening to your fab amusing songs since 1864...... Possibly your biggest fan in the world even managed to get your cd's when banned from our little island of guernsey xxxx
  7. Will you ever come back to The Hexagon in Reading UK
  8. I would actually like to win this to share with some friends that saw you in Adelaide last year. We need a laugh in SA with these bushfires...:-)
  9. Pick me PLEASE!!!... I would love to win this pack! :) I have met you twice Kev in Naracoorte (South Australia!) Both nights were such great nights!... And I got to meet you both times!!!.. :) xoxo THANK YOU!!!....
  10. Hey BEV... it must be tough living over there., cause you can't say cunt in Canada!
  11. Hey Kev, Love ya. I bought a T-shirt from you at twin towns, N.S.W. once, and you wrote on it for me,"Thanks for the root, Kev." Lol. I could have sold it 10 times over, lol. I am now living in Thailand, and I really miss your shows. Just wish you could do a show over here. The "farangs" ,(white fellas), would love you.
  12. ben
    Cheers Kev didn't know the comp was running until today but ordered stickers a couple days ago I've been introducing some of your music to the yanks they love it my car will look good with the new dilligaf stickers on it cheers
  13. Fuckin Legend
  14. Hubby's birthday is coming up. That's good timing Kev!!
  15. Jenni
    Hey funnyfukkas Kev, I saw you at the Queanbeyan Roos Club (I think) it was 1996. I had photo taken with you after signing my (itty bitty) titty... It was such a great night. You sent the pic to Morton st Qbyn (my old address) Some bastid stole it (I should ask his wife) but I'd love to get another copy (high hopes I realise) I'm living in Wagga now, and will be definitely coming to see you off.. Love your work! Love Jen Jenni..
  16. Mine and my partners 5th anniversay coming up would make a great gift as we are both huge fans execs we love u Kevin xx
  17. Pick me !!! Just love all your songs
  18. Come back to the UK for a 2nd farewell tour Or come back on a Jenny Talia tour and be the support act ????
  19. It must be a mistake Kev has forgotten to come down to Esperance for part of his tour
  20. I would love to win this pack, I've been a fan of you and your daughter for years I even met you both and sat on your lap Kev. I did have all your CDs but my ex Husband the nice fucktard that he is distroyed most of them I only have the DILLIGAF CD left that works. Can't wait to see you again when you in Brisbane....... Thank you
  21. When are you touring in S.A devo, moved from my hometown Kalgoorlie and now you dont really tour in SA :(
  22. Kev played in SA August last year , so won’t be back this year Shanaie
  23. The little bloke shares his birthday with my Nan :) Friday the 13th this year, watch out Kev lol happy birthday for Friday mate x
  24. see you at Penrith KEV your a legend
  25. Kev's in Esperance 7th August :)

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