If you haven't read KEV'S Biography yet, you are missing out!

There's a reason this book went straight to the top of the charts immediately after it's release

Now in it's third print run, DILLIGAF, The Life And Rhymes Of Kevin Bloody Wilson is KEV'S amazing life story...so far!

The book takes you on KEV'S journey from cheeky schoolboy to Australiaâ??s most renowned and travelled international comic.

It's a hilarious, yet poignant insight into KEV'S personal life and amazing career, with never before seen pictures.

Outrageously funny and totally motivational!

(and we've even had feedback from some of the ladies who've loved the book, calling it a 'LOVE STORY'....don't tell the LITTLE BLOKE!)


You can order the book from KEV'S ONLINE STORE

Or download it straight to your iPad from the iTunes Store

If you prefer to buy your copy from Amazon, just CLICK HERE


Get your copy, have a read....let us know what you think!



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