$25.00 inc. GST


The Kevin Bloody Wilson DILLIGAF Cap

Perfect for dealing with the dickheads and wankers

When someone’s giving you the shits, just say, ‘MATE, READ THAT!’

Currently Available WHITE (NAVY OUT OF STOCK)






  1. michael taylor

    Bloody tops

  2. michael taylor

    I just love it

  3. Me

    Does this item have a tracking number

  4. Administrator

    If you have placed an order through the website, please contact admin@kevinbloodywilson.com re shipping times

  5. John McGrady

    Will these be coming back in stock? I was gonna buy a white cap asap. I would also be fine with navy blue. Big fan from the States. #DILLIGAF

  6. Administrator

    yes, we have more stock on the way!

  7. Ainsley Campbell

    2 Pommies talking.
    Who on earth is this Kevin Wilson buck?
    He’s a Bloody legend from down under who doesn’t give a fuck.

  8. Ainsley Campbell

    A Pom and an Aussie walk into a bar.

    Who the hell is this Kevin Wilson buck?

    He’s the bloody legend from down under who doesn’t give a fuck.

  9. Joel Doherty

    Will these deliver to the uk

  10. Administrator

    yes ?

  11. Jim Friesen

    Awesome products

  12. Doug henderson

    Love the hats and have been a fan of Kev since the 80s

  13. Derek Ingram

    Awesome DILLIGAF

  14. Torsten Hillinger

    G`day to Australia! To you ship this caps to Austria (EU) as well?

  15. Administrator

    Yes, we ship worldwide ?
    – ADMIN

  16. Jodi (verified owner)

    Just a suggestion, change the font from cursive to Capital BOLD in white for the navy cap and navigation for the white cap Received my blnavy cap and struggle to read the text

  17. Helen Postle

    Are these coming back in stock want 2 blue caps keep checking but it keeps saying out of stock been looking for 2 months now

  18. Administrator

    back in stock today!

  19. Joe

    Hey Kevin you getting anymore white dilligaf caps

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