$25.00 inc. GST


The Kevin Bloody Wilson DILLIGAF Cap

Perfect for dealing with the dickheads and wankers

When someone’s giving you the shits, just say, ‘MATE, READ THAT!’

Currently Available NAVY BLUE & WHITE






  1. michael taylor

    Bloody tops

  2. michael taylor

    I just love it

  3. Me

    Does this item have a tracking number

  4. Administrator

    If you have placed an order through the website, please contact admin@kevinbloodywilson.com re shipping times

  5. John McGrady

    Will these be coming back in stock? I was gonna buy a white cap asap. I would also be fine with navy blue. Big fan from the States. #DILLIGAF

  6. Administrator

    yes, we have more stock on the way!

  7. Ainsley Campbell

    2 Pommies talking.
    Who on earth is this Kevin Wilson buck?
    He’s a Bloody legend from down under who doesn’t give a fuck.

  8. Ainsley Campbell

    A Pom and an Aussie walk into a bar.

    Who the hell is this Kevin Wilson buck?

    He’s the bloody legend from down under who doesn’t give a fuck.

  9. Joel Doherty

    Will these deliver to the uk

  10. Administrator

    yes ?

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