$30.00 inc. GST


Currently available in Medium only



  1. Terry HENRY


  2. Loretta bin-sarin

    Could I pay by money order

  3. Administrator

    Hi Loretta, email admin@kevinbloodywilson.com
    They may be able to organise alternative payment with you
    – website admin

  4. Paul Roxburgh

    Can this be shipped to South Africa and what would the landed price be?

  5. Administrator

    it can, but we have a shocking track record with shipments to SA. 9 out of 10 don’t get there :/ You could look at couriering it there, but the costs would be pretty steep

  6. Joe Earl

    Can this be sent to the UK and cost please. What is the total cost in pounds Stirling??

  7. Administrator

    Hi Joe
    Your bank would do the conversion, so you’d have to check the current exchange rate with them
    – ADMIN

  8. MArty

    Is the T Shirt available in blue in the XXXL

  9. Administrator

    email admin@kevinbloodywilson.com and they’ll let you know what sizes they have in stock 🙂

  10. Sandra Duncan

    Can I get a xxl

  11. debra vella

    will you be making the diligaf in singlets and do your t-shirts come in black

  12. Snot stevens

    why’s the shirt $15 dearer on the shopify site, and why’s postage so expensive there? a shirt , 3 mugs and a jumper $45 postage , on this website express postage about $13-15 for stacks of items?

  13. Justin

    Fucking Legend Kevin. Love your Music my favourite song of yours is The Kid.

  14. Administrator

    Shopify orders are shipped from the US or the UK
    Orders from this site are shipping from Western Australia.

  15. Administrator

  16. G


    Can you please tell me when the DILLIGAF t-shirt will be back in stoke in XXL?

  17. Daryl Wilson

    No XXL in stock, can you email when they are, cheers

  18. Ken Lucas

    Do you ship to the USA?

  19. Administrator

    XXL are back in stock today!!

  20. Administrator

    Yes we do!

  21. Big Gav

    Why do you not have the T-shirts in Fat Bastard size?

  22. Administrator

    some of the products in Kev’s SHOPIFY store have larger sizes ?
    – ADMIN

  23. Aaron

    I am trying to get a T-shirt how else can I get a shirt I live In perth

  24. Administrator

    the t-shirts are only available at the shows or from the website ?

  25. Tony Morris

    The missus and I went to your Atherton show Lastnight. Haven’t laughed so hard in years, cheers for a great night guys.
    Our son loved your personalised signing JENNY TALIA. Thanks mate.
    Looking forward to seeing ya on your next tour.
    Talk about FUCKIN LEGENDS….

  26. Ian young

    Am paying now by card

  27. Tammie Boxhall

    I so gotta get this so awesome!!!!

  28. Bec Gee

    Would love to have the option of different coloured “DILLIGAF” T-shirts

  29. Ziad Katebian

    Fucking hell mate no XXL FOR FAT BLOKES like me?

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