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Kev’s best selling biography – now in it’s FIFTH print run!

“A raucous, earthy, in-depth look at one of the funniest and most controversial Australian entertainers of all time – a comedian who has refused to bow to the pressures of prim political correctness.

A long time ago, a long way from anywhere, in a West Australian mining town called Kalgoorlie, the legend of Kevin Bloody Wilson was born. It all started innocently enough – just a guy with too much time on his hands changing the words to other people’s songs, and writing a few of his own, purely for the fun of it.
Twenty years, countless live gigs and millions of album sales down the track, Kevin Bloody Wilson has not only found his niche, he’s grabbed an esky and a deckchair and made himself really bloody comfortable in it! These days his recordings can be found everywhere from Outback Australia to Antarctica, from big-rig road trains to the console of Prince Charles’ Aston Martin. And, remarkably, many albums have turned platinum with barely a momen’ s airplay.
DILLIGAF (Do I Look Like I Give a F***) will catapult you on a remarkable, side-splitting roller-coaster alongside a unique Australian icon. If you buckle up and enjoy the ride, you won’ t ever want it to stop. But when it’ s finally over, you almost certainly will be changed forever with the positive, inspirational and pretension-hating spirit of the DILLIGAF philosophy coursing through your veins.

Nobody tells Australian stories better than Kevin Bloody Wilson. Record sales of almost four million worldwide bear testimony to his International success as a song writer, performer and humourist. In January 2010 he received a nomination for Australian Of The Year, and his entire body of work has been chosen for inclusion in The National Film And Sound Archive.”


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  1. Chrystal Turner

    Amazing book very funny I had many laughs. A must read for any key fan I recon 5 star for me

  2. Darren Peters

    have read this book a bloody good read

  3. Ron Farrow (verified owner)

    An a Amazing Read and unbelievable story of a true Australian comic genius..

  4. Nancy

    Are you getting any books in?
    I am needing 2.

  5. Administrator

    please email admin@kevfm.com – they’ll be able to let you know

  6. American Humour

    I’ve listened on Amazon Music, and I love it! It’s impossible to not laugh at some of what Gavin Miller says throughout the audio book about Kevin “Bloody” Wilson.

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